Online Roulette

1 Roulette is one of the best places to play online roulette because it really appeals to a wide range of users, and it tries very hard to provide themes in many genres.

Club 777 Roulette

Club 777 knows what its customers want and work hard to deliver it, providing an award-winning software for its roulette wheels and other online casino games.

888 Roulette

888 Casino is a huge name in online roulette, with players from right across the world playing the tables in a safe and visually appealing environment.

Gala Casino

There are a wide range of games to play so there’s something for every taste, and the roulette wheels they offer are some of the best plays around.

Ladbrokes Roulette

Ladbrokes Casino is now a well-established site attracting customers in the thousands to place a bet on sports, spin the slot machines or take a punt on the roulette wheel.

Lucky 247 Roulette

Playing roulette on Lucky 247 has never been easier, with so many options to choose from you really are spoilt for choice.

Winner Roulette

Like many other online gambling sites, Winner Casino has capitalised on the growing popularity of online roulette, making it available in a variety of styles to players around the globe.

Coral Roulette

A true founder of online casinos with a strong backing in the sports betting arena thanks to high street stores, Coral Casino came to life in 2002.

32Red Roulette

32Red’s online roulette software truly lives up to the standard of gambling developed by over 200 years of practice. 32Red offers both downloadable and online options for roulette betting

The Best Roulette Bonuses Online

A classic casino game found in over 100 varieties across the Internet, online roulette is a very straightforward game of odds, betting on a certain number, colour or odd/even before letting a ball spin round to drop in a slot. In most versions of the game there are 37 or 38 slots, which affects the odds and makes gameplay more interesting.

Many online sites offer standard games as well as Premium roulette wheels where payouts can be much higher on your bets. There are also new and exciting video roulette wheels available which emulate casino play down to the last detail, you can even chat with other players via text and voice. Of all the types of online roulette available, there are three main types which are played most often:

The easiest form of roulette with a layout which has large benefits for the player, European roulette is available in most online casinos and you can choose the size of your bet- and therefore your prize amount. You can either bet on a single number, a colour or odd/even, or you can spread the bet across a variety- including the single 0 slot.

Placing a large amount of cash on just one of the 37 specific slots will greatly increase payout, and also increases player excitement as the rolling ball bounces across the slots before landing in its resting place.

American Roulette

With many of the same features as its European counterpart, playing American roulette online is just as fun. The only real difference is one extra number- 00 – on the wheel making 38 slots in total. It may not seem like much, but it greatly affects the odds when playing either in a real casino or online. The odds from playing American style are more than double the European style, with the house having a significantly larger edge of over 5%.

French Roulette

When you play French roulette online, many more play options and tactics are opened up to the player, at the same time making the game more challenging but much more fun. The ‘la partage’ rule, literally meaning ‘the split’, allows players to claim half their money back on a spin, or leave it in play for another round. The ‘en prison’ rule also allows players to claim all their money back if the ball lands on the 0 slot. Its rules and twists like this that keeps players coming back to this 37 slot roulette for big money bonuses in a variety of entertaining themes.